Innovative Technology

Today’s broker expects fast service and quick decisions. 
The Blackrock Broker platform allows you and your staff to log in and quickly discover if a risk is one we can help you with. By investing a few minutes in answering some questions on the cloud based, on-line filtering system, you can go out and engage that potential client with confidence. If it’s not one for us, you have a reliable confirmation for your file.

How does it work?

We give each user a secure log in. You select from the list of available occupations. You complete a few questions on the risk, and its claims history. You then upload your submission.
If the risk is within scope, we can often provide you with an indication of pricing on screen. The opportunity for traditional dialogue and discussion then opens-up, assisted by the knowledge that we expect to provide competitive terms for you. You can conveniently model self insurance options and different limits of indemnity.
A contract certain quote is provided.
When you wish to go on cover, documentation is available immediately to download.

We use technology to complement the traditions in our business that work.

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Access to the Broker Login is restricted to appointed brokers holding a valid Terms of Business Agreement.