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Claims Management

The insurance policies we arrange are supported by specialist liability loss adjusters. These specialist adjusters provide an early intervention claims response that is tailored to be effective in the high footfall occupations that we specialise in.
Clients are often invited to participate in resolving claims at best cost.

Claims must be notified immediately and without delay, as instructed on your Policy Document

Commercial Combined claims are to be notified to:

Risk Management Assistance

Accidents are almost always preventable, within practical limitations.
Safety and low frequency of claims results from management and staff identifying hazards and then doing something about them.
Blackrock seeks clients who have a culture of doing just that.
We use only experienced risk control specialists with proven records in the specific industry. We can assist clients in accessing an innovative, psychology based approach that demonstrably reduces frequency of injury claims on leisure, entertainment, hotels and retail risks.



We provide solutions in liability insurance for the following sectors of industry.

The common theme is a ‘high footfall’ interface with members of the Public.

  • Hotels and Guesthouses Liability – Minimum Premium €17,500 (Hotels) and €5,000 (Guesthouses)

  • Restaurants and Cafes Liability – Minimum liability premium €7,500.

  • Pubs and Bars Liability – Minimum liability premium €10,000.

  • Larger Retail Liability – Minimum liability premium €7,500.

  • Sports, Tourism, Leisure and Entertainment Liability (over 20 occupations available). Minimum Premium €7,500.

  • Also available: Excess of Loss – up to €6.5m of easy to arrange excess layer protection.


Other Occupations:

Exclusive facilities and schemes are available to appointed brokers.

We have a range of other occupations that we would like to address on a broker-by-broker basis. If you are an appointed broker with a specialism in an area and a bedrock of premium to back that up, then please get in touch.

Are you a careful business owner in a high footfall occupation?

Ask your broker for a quote from Blackrock Insurance Solutions!