Blackrock Insurance Solutions are a specialist insurance intermediary, formed by highly experienced Insurance Company Underwriters.

We underwrite insurance risks on behalf of financially strong, Regulated Insurers, who receive the premium and pay the claims.

Why Choose Blackrock?


We offer discounts for varying levels of self- insurance involvement, access to innovative risk management assistance, and bespoke claims handling that will help you distinguish yourself to the client. A refreshing range of options in areas of limited choice.


Protect and defend your existing clients with a high-quality alternative quote. Blackrock provide insurance solutions that you can feel safe with. We engage only with Insurers with strong financial security ratings. Terms and conditions are always clear and practical to observe.


By providing options in low supply segments, we open-up your new business horizons.  Where defence options are limited, you have the edge. Where other brokers fear to tread, the Blackrock Insurance Solutions equipped broker can boldly go.

Local Underwriters, Local Understanding

Brokers can struggle to find good quality insurance options for clients in occupations that have become unpopular with the mainstream insurers. Often they have to look overseas, to wholesale brokers or to broker to broker facilities to obtain quotations.
Blackrock recognise that Irish brokers prefer to describe and negotiate for their client’s first hand. Locally. Directly. Personally. Face to face where practical.
We use technology to complement the traditions in our business that work. Our brokers have access to a cloud based, on-line filtering system that helps them quickly confirm which risks we can help with, and to confirm ‘no-quote’ where we cannot. We offer specialist underwriting appointments on larger cases at our Dublin City Centre offices at Miagen House, St Andrews Street, Dublin 2.

About Us

Blackrock Insurance Solutions Limited is an Insurance Intermediary as defined under the Insurance Mediation Regulations 2005. We are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

We provide services to and enter into insurance contracts on behalf of Regulated Insurers. We are not the Insurer.

The identity of the Insurer or Insurers on behalf of which we act and who will receive the premium and settle claims arising on your Policy is detailed on all quotation and confirmation of cover documentation, including the Policy wording and Schedule.

Blackrock Insurance Solutions Limited is registered in Ireland. Company Registered no. 574692.

Our registered office and business address is Third Floor, Miagen House, St Andrews Street, Dublin 2.

Central Bank of Ireland Reference 160607.

Blackrock is a member of the Specialist Risk Group of Companies

Blackrock is a Coverholder at Lloyd’s


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